Walmart Back To School 2019 TV Commercial – Go Back Big To School With All You Need At Walmart – Save Money Live Better

A mom buys her kid a pair of Walmart sneakers with a quick click on the app when she hears an ominous “THUD” from outside her window. She looks out to see her larger-than-life kid stomping through the neighborhood in his new sneakers. Another giant kid grinds her skateboard on a highway overpass with her packed backpack, and a third stops to admire her new mermaid binder pouch in the reflection of a high-rise, smiling at a man working inside. The friends converge on a football field and a fourth kid spikes a giant football with the hand not holding his Yoobi spiral notebooks, causing a minor earthquake and scaring a teacher. Walmart says it has all the back-to-school supplies your kids need to go back big

Song: I Just Wanna Shine – Fitz and The Tantrums