Spin Master Gifeez GIFs Maker TV Commercial – Draw, Color & Customize Your Own GIFs

Spin your art to life with Gifeez! The new activity toy makes it easy for kids to draw, color, and create their very own GIFs and share them with friends!

Inspired by animated GIFs, with Gifeez you can easily draw, color and customize your very own GIFs and spin them to life! The Gifeez Spinner lights up and rotates at different speeds in art and animation mode, creating mesmerizing visual effects! Customize your disks with the stickers and share over 30 unique animated GIFs in the free Gifeez App. With 5 markers and 15-double sided disks, it’s easy to create your own animated GIFs with Gifeez! Choose from 4 patterned art disks, 8 animation disks with cute cartoons, or draw anything you imagine on 3 blank template disks! Gifeez is an activity toy that makes it easy for kids to draw, color and create their own animated GIFs!

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