Stockland Retirement Australia Christmas 2019 TV Advert – Dunder The Aussie Reindeer, That’s The Spirit

Meet Dunder; the forgotten hero that once saved Christmas for Down Under. #ThatsTheSpirit
Every Christmas, the world celebrates Santa’s beloved red-nosed reindeer, Rudolph. But what if, hiding in those same North Pole stables, was someone else? Another unexpected hero who, one year, had stepped up to save Christmas.
And not just any Christmas. It was ours. The kind not celebrated in the snow, but with our own unique traditions, under the summer sky, amongst roaring barbies, fresh prawns and pav.
She’s a reindeer so forgotten, that her name is often confused to be Donner, or even Donder.
Well, in the spirit of an Aussie Christmas, we thought it was time we embrace something a little different, and share her story.
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