Macys Christmas Holidays 2019 Santa Girl TV Commercial – Anything Can Happen, Believe In The Wonder Of The Season

Macys Christmas Holidays 2019 TV Commercial – Santa Girl – Anything Can Happen When You Believe In The Wonder Of The Season
Macy’s Santa Girl is a holiday commercial about the wonder of the season, reminding both young and old that anything is possible if you believe. After seeing Santa in Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade® on TV, our hero, Virginia, wants to spread joy throughout the world just like St. Nick. However, she voices her dream of becoming Santa Claus at school and is quickly faced with doubt from her classmates. Virginia does all she can to embody Santa’s joyful, festive spirit, and thanks to her own grit and determination, and a little help from her parents, Virginia’s holiday wish comes true. With her belief fully restored and stronger than ever, Virginia takes to the snowy streets in her new “sleigh” to leave gifts on her neighbor’s doorsteps – spreading wonder and joy throughout her sleeping town and proving that anything can happen when you believe in the wonder of the season.
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