Fritolay TV Commercial – This Is Not About Brands – It’s About People And This Is Just The Start

Things Are Hard Right Now.
The World Doesn’t Need Brands To Tell Us How To Think Or Feel.
The World Needs Brands To Take Action.
That’s What We’ve Been Focused On At Frito Lay. Creating 3,000 New Full Time Jobs with Benefits.
Donating Over $15 Million Towards Relief Efforts Across North America.
Providing 20 Million Nutritious Meals For At Risk Students And Families With Food For Good, No Kid Hungry, Baylor University And The USDA.
And Funding Mobile Health Clinics Across The U.S. To Provide COVIS-19 Screenings For The Public.
We’re Not Changing Our Logo. We’re Not Asking America To Donate For Us. This Is Not About Brands. It’s About People
And This Is Just The Start

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